Clients don't hire you to write, they hire you to tweet and share

Alaris Harrison 3 years ago

Social Media

The Client is hiring your social media accounts, the fact that you can write is just a nice added advantage

There, i said it!

That is exactly how the web writer's landscape looks like nowadays. Let's face it, with the distinction between writers online being so subtle and the glut of talent out there, it's the writers who are more networked that command a higher price and premium.

The first step to being a good web writer is of course, be able to write, that's a given. If you are unsure of that part, i think this post might not be of much help to you. If you can write though, doesn't matter if only average, read on.

The trend now is on hiring and looking out for the most well connected writers, because that brings along with it the collateral advantages of a writer being able to diffuse the content amongst his or her followers and provide an almost instant jump in the number of hits, which is exactly what a client wants.

What clients are ready to pay top dollar for is not the most creative or able writer. So if you feel you are better than the so called stars of the writing world online and you deserve to be paid more, it's not entirely because they can write better. It's because they can network better than you. That brings us to the question:

How do you network better?

  • Start somewhere, first step is usually as simple as that. Decide that you need a better online presence. I can go on about all the social accounts that you need, but am sure you already know all that and just hesitating to take that first step.
  • Don't just think of it as another one of those social gimmicks, its what represents you professionally online. More often than not, that's all that the clients see of you, its the persona you project to the world out there. Take it seriously. It pays off. Trust me.
  • This is the most important part, be open online. Don't be afraid to open up online about your professional life. Most writers are wary of getting their names out there in the public. That's not how you get contracts and live the freelancer life, you have to let go and immerse yourself in the social network. It won't kill you.
  • Use technology aggressively, Cant stress this enough, don't get trapped under the illusion that you can skip technology and just get writing. The successful writers are able to use their waking hours productively and have a force multiplier effect because of the aggressive use of technology. 

Scriblers is a great first step for you to get started, sign up and get that first chore in the tracker to get your social accounts up. Get writing instantly on the editor!