You're a writer? 5 reasons why your life just got better

Ellie Richmond 3 years ago

You’re a writer?

5 reasons why your life just got better

Today, Scriblers has finally been launched. If you’re a writer, that’s pretty exciting news, because Scriblers is an awesome new tool for writers and writing teams.

Scriblers is an intelligent scheduling system with a built-in editor that lets you write, manage and publish files - and manage your workflow - all from a single online application.

So why’s it going to change your life?

Well, here's the top 5 reasons (you’ll discover the rest for yourself soon enough):

  1. Because it was designed for writers by writers. The Scriblers design team trawled through the massive range of online editing systems and cherry picked the features that actually add value. The result is that every feature and function of this system is something that writers need and use every day. From intuitive keyboard shortcuts to at-a-glance scheduling, it's a clean, simple system that makes writing fun, fast and easy.

  2. Because it lets you plan ahead. Whether you’re juggling client expectations, managing a writing team or blogging for your business, the Scriblers tracker monitors your capacity and shows you the gaps and bottlenecks in your pipeline, so you can sort them out ahead of time. With your reputation, your income or even your sanity at stake, the application of ‘agile’ workflow concepts to managing your writing schedule is the kind of magic you’ll quickly fall in love with.

  3. Because it takes care of the things that hurt your head. When you get a new assignment, the tracker instantly shuffles your schedule to fit it in, prioritizing all your work based on your deadlines and forcing you to be realistic about what you can do by when. It also keeps track of what you’ve done, making timesheets and billing a breeze.

  4. Because it integrates seamlessly with the systems you actually use. Scriblers comes with one-click up and downloads to Dropbox; full support for .TXT, .PDF, .MD and .MARKDOWN file types; and best of all, real-time, draft-by-draft updates to an unlimited number of WordPress blogs. There's no cutting and pasting, no tedious switching between programs and logins - simply hit Publish and push the latest version of your post straight to the blog of your choice.

  5. Because it just makes life easier. The Scriblers editor automatically saves with every single keystroke, so you’ll never lose your work. It lets you save as many drafts of each document as you like, and instantly compare the differences between them. Oh, and it also keeps track of your word and character count and shows you exactly how your work will look on the page as you write, so you don’t get any time-wasting surprises when you upload.

There’s a whole lot more, of course, and if you work in a team there are some amazing functions that let you share drafts, gather feedback and collaborate on ideas and projects. Scriblers finally offers editorial teams the levels of coordination and transparency that have worked wonders for software designers for years.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? It's time to join Scriblers and sign up for an easier life.